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"Your right arm when you need it!"

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Business Development

We want to provide a comprehensive look at the overall business layout.   We want to listen to the future plans of the owners and come up with a clear road to reach them.  Many contractors do not want to be hammering nails, running pipe, or electrical wire until they die.  They would like to retire at some point, possibly sell their business or pass it on to their children.  We in Maine help our neighbors, we care about them, and we are brought up to be barn raisers.  We would like to see every company that we touch come away with a feeling of accomplishment for themselves and their future.


Pro P.A.’s product is technical operational support for companies that do not have availability, time, money or understanding of data gathering, data input, business plan, marketing, safety manual, forecasting, and business development. Pro P.A. will provide professional personal assistants that fit with our clients’ needs and culture to help develop the company for the future and provide training for the client and staff to make them self-sufficient and prosperous.

Data Management

Accurate data entry and accounting service. Giving you the information that you need to make informed decisions, look to the future, and plan for tax obligations.